Project Description

Project Title

"New Environmental Friendly Solder Materials for the Automotive Industry from Primary and Secondary Resources”

Project Number: TÁMOP-4.2.2.A-11/1/KONV-2012-0019


General Information

Main Beneficiary: University of Miskolc

Total fund allocated:

University of Miskolc

481 505 464 HUF

Consortium Partner 1 (Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research)

77 165 103 HUF

Consortium Partner 2 (Institute for Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

45 210 740 HUF


603 981 307 HUF


Total budget: 603 981 307 HUF/2,037,186.83 EUR

Financial support: 100%

Duration: 28 months (01.01.2013 – 30.04.2015)



Project Management and Leadership

Project Leader: Zoltán Gácsi, Prof. Dr.

Project Manager: Beatrix Batta

Financial Manager: Miklós Beliczky

Assistant Project Manager: Boglárka Bencsik

Assistant Financial Manager: Rita Halász Simonné


Project Aim:

The primary aim of the project is the quality development of solder bonds and the promotion of resource-efficient, sustainable technologies. Special priority areas are identified as:

·         science-based innovative development of metallic/soldering alloy systems

·         the pre-treatment of soldering surfaces

·         the effective recycling and reuse of solder scrap

Fundamental and applied research on the foregoing topics is carried out by means of numerical modelling, experimental, analytical and simulation tools (volumetric calculations, interfacial thermodynamics and chemical surface processes, equilibrium phase diagrams, wettability analysis, melt flow simulation, etc.).

Addressing the societal challenge, the project aims to facilitate the creation and maintenance of workplaces in the Northeast Hungarian Region, thus enhances the convergence of the region to the national average. It also significantly contributes to boosting synergies between the Consortium Members, namely the University of Miskolc, Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research (Miskolc) and the Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Debrecen). In close cooperation with various economic organizations, the consortium implements a joint research programme to attract qualified researchers and employ trained specialitsts and to encourage their long-term commitment. Assistance is provided to young researchers who are about to enter the international scientific arena. The project establishes substantial symbiosis networks among academic, educational and nonprofit research institutions.

The professional competence, novel scientific and innovational results achieved through applied research targeting soft and hard solders will be readily utilized by partner companies, where environmental friendly solder materials and technologies play a key role along the whole value chain. With effective dissemination campaigns, there is a potential for national and/or international end-users (other than the industrial actors directly involved) to adopt and exploit the project achievements for their own benefit.

Scientific Centres

Specific research on the priority areas are conducted within five complementary and mutually interrelated Scientific Centres coordinated by five dedicated and internationally renowned experts as given below:

Materials science problems related to the application of high purity raw materials and lead-free solders in the automotive industry –ZOLTÁN GÁCSI, Prof. Dr., Doctor of the Academy

Research-based development of soldering and brazing alloys and production technologies –ANDRÁS ROÓSZ, Prof. Dr.,Member of the Academy

Solder preparation and surface treatment using plasma technology –TAMÁS TÖRÖK, Prof. Dr., Doctor of the Academy

High-purity raw materials from secondary sources for lead-free soldering applications –TAMÁS KÉKESI, Prof. Dr., Doctor of the Academy

Optimization of solder materials using bulk and surface thermodynamics–GYÖRGY KAPTAY, Prof. Dr., Doctor of the Academy


Target Group(s) of the Project

Directly involved are the professors, fellow researchers and PhD students of the University of Miskolc, who are actively participating in progressive research & development & innovation, in kowledge and technology transfer and in the accumulation of intellectual capital (through personal and interpersonal competence-building). Co-beneficiaries are the employees and research staff of the Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research (Miskolc) and the Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Debrecen). The most prominent undergraduate students (BSc, MSc) are also given a chance to contribute to the actual implementation of the project. Through the involvement of the participating research centres, the exchange of ideas and scientific networking is made highly effective and mutually productive. Out of the target groups, a significant role is assigned to SMEs, business organizations and other industrial actors potentially engaged in the realization of project-based R&D&I.

An important target group is the undergraduate and postgraduate students, research assistants and fellow researchers (with PhD title) who are reckoned as the future members of the Centres of Excellence of Sustainable Resource Management to which the ongoing fundamental research programs relate. Participants from the demand side of R&D&I are another indirect but vital target group, since these industrial companies/enterprises can adopt the project achievements to their production technology and integrate these in their daily practice. In the broader sense, the whole population of the Northeastern Hungarian Region is affected.  The project boosts the competitiveness of the region thus contributing to the creation of new workplaces, while it mitigates the negative tendencies of labour migration.

As an additional social impact, the project aims to promote the equality of opportunities for disadvantaged people, therefore, all the deliverables and results are made accessible for the members of the Association of Physically Disabled People from Sárospatak and the Zemplén Region (Mozgáskorlátozottak Sárospataki és Zemplén-térségi Egyesülete).