Annex 01: Foreign Mission Application Form

Annex 04: Application for Approval to Use a Private Vehicle on Official University Business

Annex 10: Acknowledgement

Annex 11: Authorized Translation of Invoice/Receipt (for the Reimbursement of Mission-Related Expenses)

Annex 12: Mission Statement and Expense Report

Annex 13: Guide for the the Reimbursement of Mission-Related Expenses

Annex 14: Account Data for the Reimbursement of Mission-Related Expenses


Request for Quote (template)

Declaration of Intent

Decaration of Intent for Professional Cooperation

Cooperation Agreement_forr-asz

Reminder (template)

Declaration of Authenticity for Student Research Paper (TDK)

Headed notepaper (template)

Stationery and Office Supplies Request (template)

Quotation Record/Quotation Evaluation Report

Report for Inland Mission

Report for Foreign Mission

Attendence List (Meeting)

R & D Project Datasheet

Supplementary Datasheet for the Delegation of External Party, Certified Statement

Contract Agreement with External Parties (payment without invoice)

Annex to Cooperation Agreement

Records of Hours Worked (template for Income Supplement)

Safety Records and Authorization for Placing in Service (disposed assets incl. laboratory equipment)

Declaration of Applicant for Foreign Mission

Conflict of Interest Statement

Consolidated Statement for Contract Agreement

Presentation (template)

Project Management Manual

Declaration of Intent_forr-asz

Professional Partnership Agreement_forr-asz

Occassional Use Permit for Vehicle (template)

Service Contract/Services Agreement

Performance Records for Remuneration and Payment of Commission

Performance Records for Contract

Travel Report